We have numerous years of experience in the Customs sector. Our Customs Agent in Valencia will provide you the maximum collaboration at Valencia Customs Administration, putting at your disposal utmost professionalism and total guarantee of success.

iCustoms24, as your Customs Agent in Valencia, will manage all necessary Customs processes swiftly, to accomplish your foreign trade operations in the least possible time.

Through our presence in Valencia, iCustoms24 offers specialised services in Customs clearance for both imports and exports. We conduct all additional inspections necessary in Customs operations: Border Health, Plant Health, Quality, Pharmaceutical, etc. If necessary our Customs Agent will be present during the physical inspections that may be requested by the Customs Authority.

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More information about the Port of Valencia

The Valencia Port Authority (in Spanish APV), operating under the commercial name ‘Valenciaport’, is a public organization responsible for the management of the three state ports situated on the Mediterranean, along 80km of Spain’s Eastern coastline: Valencia, Sagunto and Gandia.

The Port of Valencia deals with shipping traffic for all type of goods from all sectors of the economy. Its main clients include the following sectors: Timber and furniture; textiles; footwear; agriculture and foodstuffs (cereals and fodder, wines and drinks, canned food, fruits, etc.); energy (oil, gas, coal, etc.); chemical; car (Ford, Fiat, Land Rover, Jaguar, etc.); construction (cement and clinker, tiles, marble, etc.); machinery; etc.

The Port of Valencia is at the East end of the city, with the beaches, Arenas and Malvarossa, to the North. To the South of the port is the new terminal and logistics area (known as ZAL), bordering the marina next to the new channel of the River Turia in Pinedo.