The Legal Notice and Conditions of Use (hereinafter “Legal Notice”) presented below, regulate the access to and use of the Internet portal www.icustoms24.com (hereinafter “website”).

In accordance with the provisions of Law 34/2002, dated 11th July, regulating the services of IT companies and e-commerce, we inform you that the this web page is the property of LOGISBER FORWARDING S.L. (hereinafter “ICUSTOMS24”), a Spanish company with its registered address at Passatge Montserrat Isern 2-4, 3o 3a, 08908 L’ Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona; Tax Identification Number (CIF) B-64057706; and registered at the Companies Registry of Barcelona, Volume 38154, Folio 21, Page 320772, Section 8, Inscription I / A 1 (19/01/2006).

Email: contacto@icustoms24.com

Telephone: +34 902 880 040

Fax: +34 93 479 27 32

Acceptance – the navigation or simple access to the website and/ or the mere use of the services offered through it ascribe the condition of user of this website (hereinafter “user” or “users”) and imply full acceptance without reservations of the conditions included in this Legal Notice in the version published by ICUSTOMS24 at the moment when the user accesses the website.

ICUSTOMS24 reserves the right to amend unilaterally, at any time and without prior notice, the provisions of this Legal Notice as well as the configuration and in general any other content or service of its website. The use of the services and/ or simply accessing the website presuppose acceptance of any amendment made.

As a result, ICUSTOMS24 recommends that you periodically refer to this document and any subsequent amendments.

The use of certain services offered to users through the website, are subject to their own particular conditions of use (hereinafter Particular Conditions) or require the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions, which as the case maybe, replace, complement or amend this Legal Notice.

Therefore, prior to the use of such services, the user must read and accept, if applicable, relevant Particular Conditions or General Terms and Conditions, as appropriate.

Furthermore, the use of the website is subject to all legal notices, regulations and instructions made available to the user through this website and they replace, complete and/ or amend this Legal Notice.

Use of the Website – Unless otherwise stated in the applicable Particular Conditions and/or General Terms and Conditions, the use of the website shall be free, notwithstanding any connection charge through the user’s telecommunication network. The user understands and voluntarily and expressly agrees that the use of the website is in any case his sole and exclusive responsibility.

The user agrees to use the website and all its services and content without contravening: any current legislation; good faith; all generally accepted usage; and public order.

In addition, it is prohibited to use the website with illegal purpose(s) or for purpose(s) that may be harmful to ICUSTOMS24 or any other third party. While using the website, the user agrees not to damage in any way the image, the interests and/ or the rights of ICUSTOMS24 and/ or any other third party. The user also agrees to avoid conduct that may cause damage, or otherwise disable or overload the website, or that may impede in any way, the normal use of the website, computer equipment or documents, files and all kinds of content stored on any computer equipment of ICUSTOMS24 of other users or of any other Internet user (hardware and/ or software).

As examples but without limitation, the user agrees not to transmit, distribute or make available to third parties information, data, content, messages and / or generally any kind of material that:

Is in any way contrary to, disparages or violates fundamental rights and freedoms recognized by applicable law, violates trade secrets of third parties or infringes regulations on privacy of communications and / or is contrary to the right to honour, personal privacy and family or image of individuals.

Induces, incites or promotes actions that may be criminal, slanderous, violent, degrading, discriminatory (for reasons of sex, race, religion, beliefs, etc.), harmful to health and / or in general, contrary to law, morality, decency and public order.

Incorporate, make available or allow access to products, elements, messages and / or services that may be criminal, defamatory, violent, offensive, harmful, discriminatory, contrary to law, morality, decency and public order.

In general, the use of the website does not require prior subscription or registration of users.

However, the use of certain services or access to certain content is conditional to the prior completion of the corresponding user registration and / or form, which are available on the website.

The aforementioned registration shall be made in the manner expressly indicated in the service itself or in the Particular Conditions and/ or General Terms and Conditions that regulate it.

All information provided by the user through any registration or form of this website must be truthful. In this sense, the user declares and guarantees the authenticity of the data communicated to ICUSTOMS24 following the completion of any of the aforementioned forms. It shall also be the user’s responsibility to keep all information provided to ICUSTOMS24 constantly updated. In any case, the user shall be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and, where applicable, for any damages caused to ICUSTOMS24 and / or any third party as a result of any such false information.

Intellectual and Industrial Property – All rights of intellectual property and all information contained on the website (images, brands, graphic designs, source code, design, navigation structure, databases, and any other content that may be displayed) are owned exclusively by ICUSTOMS24 or, where appropriate, are duly licensed by the owner. The names of other products, services and companies that appear in this document or on the website may be trademarks or other distinguishing marks/ logos registered by their respective and legitimate owners, and it may not be construed that access or use of the website gives the user any right whatsoever on the trademarks and/ or other distinguishing marks/ logos registered.

Also, all the information and contents of the website are protected by copyright while the intellectual property belongs to ICUSTOMS24 or, where applicable, its use and exploitation has been duly authorized by the owner, without transferring to the user any of the exploitation rights related to them beyond what is strictly necessary for the correct use of the website.

In the context described above, the user is solely authorized to view and obtain a temporary private copy of the contents for personal and private use in their computer systems (software and hardware) and not to transfer such content to third parties. With the above caveats, the user is expressly prohibited from reproducing, processing, distributing, publicly communicating, making available, removing, reusing, resending or using in any way by any means or procedure, of any of the contents of the website, except where it is legally permitted or has been authorized expressly and in writing by ICUSTOMS24 and / or the holder of the corresponding rights.

As example but without limitation:

The user is not authorized to use the information contained on the website for any commercial or professional activity (direct sales or any other commercial purpose including marketing in any way this information).

The user is not authorized to remove, ignore or manipulate the “copyright” and other data signifying the rights of ICUSTOMS24 nor any security measures or protection mechanisms. The user is not authorized to dismantle, decompile or invert the databases on which the website information is stored.

The unauthorised use of the information contained on this website, its re-sale and any breach of the intellectual property rights of ICUSTOMS24, will be prosecuted by the rights-holder at the appropriate court.

Privacy and protection of personal data

In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, issued by the European Parliament and the EU Council, we notify you that a file containing personal data is created by and under the responsibility of ICUSTOMS24 with the data entered in any one of the forms in our website www.icustoms24.com. The purpose of this data file is to manage the contractual relationship with our users and the services provided to the users via the website.

The data may also be used for promotional and advertising activities, by ICUSTOMS24 as well as third parties, through any media, including but not limited to commercial messages that may be of interest to the users via SMS, email and post.

You may object to such use of your data at any moment, by writing to soporte@icustoms24.com.

In compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, issued by the European Parliament and the EU Council, the users of the website www.icustoms24.com, may, at any moment, exercise their rights regarding access, rectification, suppression, limitation, opposition or portability in the treatment of their personal data by notifying ICUSTOMS24 in writing; such notifications may be sent either by post to the Head Office at Passatge Montserrat Isern 2-4, 3º 3ª, 08908 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, or by email to contacto@icustoms24.com.

In order to allow ICUSTOMS24 to verify the identity of the user(s), such notifications exercising the rights stated above, should be accompanied by a copy of the ID of the affected user.

ICUSTOMS24 commits to use the personal data collected by respecting its confidentiality (it will not be communicated to third parties, except where ICUSTOMS24 is legally obliged to do so, or where the data is publicly available) and to use this data solely for the purpose it has been provided.


also commits to comply with its obligation to safeguard and protect the data files and to apply the security measures (technical and organizational) necessary to avoid its change, or loss and/ or unauthorised use or access thereto, in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, issued by the European Parliament and the EU Council.

Limits of Liability

ICUSTOMS24 reserves the right to interrupt access to its website, as well as the provision of any or all content and / or services offered through it at any time and without notice, either for technical reasons, security, monitoring, maintenance or any other cause.

As a consequence, ICUSTOMS24 does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of its website or the content provided therein, and users understand that access to this website and its contents is at their own risk.

Also, ICUSTOMS24 shall not be held responsible for temporary interruptions of service, delays, errors, malfunctions and, in general, any other problems that originate from causes beyond the control of ICUSTOMS24, and/ or are due to fraudulent or negligent use by the user/ users and/ or are attributable to Force Majeure.

In this regard, ICUSTOMS24, to the extent permitted by law, shall not be liable for damages of any kind that may arise due to lack of availability, continuity or reliability of the website and its services or to any inability to access different pages of the website or those pages from which services are provided.

ICUSTOMS24 adopts reasonably adequate security measures to detect the existence of viruses. However, the user should be aware that security measures of computer systems on the Internet are not entirely reliable and that, therefore, ICUSTOMS24 cannot guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements that may cause alterations in computer systems (software and/ or hardware) or in the electronic documents and files contained in the documents themselves.

In this respect, ICUSTOMS24 to the extent permitted by law, shall not be liable for damages of any kind that may arise as a result of the presence of viruses or other elements in the contents of the website, which may alter the computer system, electronic documents and/ or files of users.

Finally, ICUSTOMS24 shall not be held responsible for any use by users of the website’s contents that may involve a violation of any regulation, national or international, rights of intellectual property or other rights of third parties.

Both access to the website and the use made of the information contained therein is the sole responsibility of the user. ICUSTOMS24 shall not be held responsible for any consequential damage that may result from such access or use of the information contained o the website.

ICUSTOMS24 shall not be responsible for any possible security errors breaches that may occur or for any damage caused to the user’s computer system (hardware and software), files or documents stored therein as a result of a malfunctioning browser or the use by the user of out-dated browser versions.

ICUSTOMS24 is not responsible for any damages arising from the use of the website contents. In particular, ICUSTOMS24 is not responsible for the contents or the condition of the links contained on this website leading users to external websites or web pages managed by third parties. ICUSTOMS24 is not responsible for the contents or status of these external websites and web pages. Access to them through this website does not imply that ICUSTOMS24 recommends or approves their contents.

Links Policy – It is expressly prohibited to introduce hyperlinks or technical link devices (e.g. links, banners or buttons) on external web sites, which allow access to this domain (www.icustoms24.com) for commercial purposes, without prior consent in writing from ICUSTOMS24. In any case, the existence of such hyperlinks does not imply, the existence of commercial or relations with the owner of the website where the hyperlink is established, nor acceptance by ICUSTOMS24 of its contents or services.

In any case, ICUSTOMS24 reserves the right to prohibit or cancel at any time any hyperlink or technical link device (e.g. links, banners or buttons) to its website, especially in cases of unlawful activity or content of the site web in which the hyperlink or technical link device is included.

On the other hand, ICUSTOMS24 does not warrant and shall not accept any responsibility for any damages suffered by users as a result of access to third party content through the possible connections or links of external web sites from www.icustoms24.com. The role of such hyperlinks or technical links (e.g. links, banners or buttons) provided on the website is exclusively to inform users about the existence of other sources of information or other Internet content and services. ICUSTOMS24 shall in no way be responsible for the results obtained through these hyperlinks or technical links (e.g. links or buttons) or the consequences arising from access by users to them (linked sites). Third-party content is provided by others and as a consequence ICUSTOMS24 cannot control the legality of such content nor the quality of the services offered therein.

ICUSTOMS24 does not offer nor does it market itself and/ or through third parties the information, content and services available on linked web sites. Furthermore ICUSTOMS24 does not endorse, supervise or control in any way the contents and services or any material of any nature in such linked web sites, and the user shall be fully and exclusively responsible for visiting such linked web sites.

Notifications – All notifications and communications (hereinafter “Notifications“) issued by the user to ICUSTOMS24 shall be deemed effective for all purposes when made via the Customer Service Centre at the following email address: contacto@icustoms24.com. Also, all the notifications issued by ICUSTOMS24 to the user will be considered validly made if they are made using the data and through the means mentioned above. For this purpose, the user confirms and warrants that all data provided by him are true and correct and that such data will be duly updated in a timely fashion.

This website has been prepared in good faith by ICUSTOMS24. However, if any third party considers that their intellectual property rights and / or trademarks have been violated, it should notify ICUSTOMS24 at the registered address specified above.

Withdrawal and suspensions of service – ICUSTOMS24 may withdraw or suspend at any time and without notice the provision of services offered through the website to users who breach the provisions of this Legal Notice.

Duration and termination – The existence of the website and the provision of services through it is, in principle, indefinite. However, ICUSTOMS24 reserves the right to terminate or suspend the provision of these services and/ or cancel the website at any time, without prejudice to any provision in the corresponding Particular and/ or General Conditions of Contract. When reasonably practicable, ICUSTOMS24 will give prior notice to users about the termination or suspension of the website and, where appropriate, of any of the services offered in it.

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction – Any dispute related to the use of this website is subject to Spanish law. The Courts of the City of Barcelona shall have jurisdiction to resolve any issues and/ or actions that may arise from the provision of services and/ or the contents of the website as well as over the interpretation, application, performance and/ or breach of any of the aforementioned provisions, unless a different jurisdiction is established through mandatory norms.

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