We have numerous years of experience in the Customs sector, therefore we have no difficulties performing customs clearance in Tarragona. Our agent will provide you with expert advice at first hand, and will finalize in his name all submittals required by the Customs Administration of Tarragona, offering maximum guarantee during the process.

At iCustoms24 we process swiftly and efficiently any customs clearance at Tarragona, whether for import or export. In case of an import, we will analyse the taxes and/ or tariffs that need to be paid in relation to the type and origin of the goods, and we will verify the most beneficial commercial agreements that may be applied so as to avoid payment of un-necessary taxes and/ or tariffs.

With our presence in Tarragona, iCustoms24 offers specialised Customs clearance for both imports and exports. We conduct all additional inspections necessary in a Customs operation, such as: Border Health, Plant Health, Quality, Pharmaceutical, etc. If necessary, our Customs Agent will be present during the physical inspections that may be requested by the Customs Authority.

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More information about the Port of Tarragona

fishing, commercial, passenger and sports city of Tarragona port. It is the most important seaports on the Mediterranean coast.

Much of their activity is related to industrial transportation or goods, but also a fishing, boating and passenger port. The port is the destination of a branch of the railway line that runs along the Mediterranean corridor, and is one of the main centers of this economic hub. The port has a specific platform for shiploads of oil and its derivatives.

Tarragona Port Authority was the first statewide that created a space to preserve and safeguard their documentary and graphic heritage: Archive Port of Tarragona, and then one for the museum heritage: the Port Museum.