We have numerous years of experience in the Customs sector, therefore we have no difficulties performing customs clearance in Sevilla. Our agent will provide you with expert advice at first hand, and will finalize in his name all submittals required by the Customs Administration of Sevilla, offering maximum guarantee during the process.

At iCustoms24 we process swiftly and efficiently any customs clearance at Sevilla, whether for import or export. In case of an import, we will analyse the taxes and/ or tariffs that need to be paid in relation to the type and origin of the goods, and we will verify the most beneficial commercial agreements that may be applied so as to avoid payment of un-necessary taxes and/ or tariffs.

With our presence in Sevilla, iCustoms24 offers specialised Customs clearance for both imports and exports. We conduct all additional inspections necessary in a Customs operation, such as: Border Health, Plant Health, Quality, Pharmaceutical, etc. If necessary, our Customs Agent will be present during the physical inspections that may be requested by the Customs Authority.

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More information about the Port of Sevilla

The Port of Seville is a seaport located inside the estuary of the River Guadalquivir. From the Atlantic Ocean in Sanlucar de Barrameda, and after a journey of 90 kilometers, about five hours sailing, you get to port facilities in the city of Seville, accessed through the lock, unique in Spain.

The Port of Sevilla carried out directly beaconing services, maintenance access channel, berthing services, goods storage services, towing service, service pleasure craft, gouache, power and scales.

It has today 15,000 jobs depend directly on the port. Of those 15,000 jobs 25% are direct employment in the port industry and 75% are dependent Puerto industry.